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BitDefender 9 Standard

BitDefender 9 Standard is a powerful antivirus software with features that best meet your security needs. Ease of use and automatic updates make BitDefender an "install-and-forget" antivirus tool!

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This version of BitDefender has new and improved scanning engines. BitDefender will scan and disinfect infected files on access, minimizing data loss. Infected documents can now be recovered, instead of being deleted. Suspicious or infected files can optionally be backed up into a safe quarantine area before being disinfected or deleted.

The mission of the BitDefender's antivirus module is to ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild. BitDefender antivirus uses robust scan engines, certified by ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, CheckVir.

File-size: 14.6 Mb | Price: $29.95


  • Heuristics in Virtual Environment!
  • Permanent Antivirus Protection!
  • Peer-2-Peer Applications Protection!
  • Innovative Behavior Blocking!
  • Full E-mail Protection!
  • Hourly Updates!
  • 24/7 Support!
  • Rescue CD*!

*BitDefender 9 Standard is delivered on a bootable CD (based on BitDefender Rescue System), which can be used to disinfect a system without booting it. BitDefender 9 for Windows Workstations.

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As a registered user you will get:

  • No trial version limitations!
  • Technical support!


Windows 98/Me/NT(SP6)/2000/XP, Pentium MMX 200 Mhz or higher processor, 64 Mb RAM, 40MB available hard disk space, Internet Explorer 5.5

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